Midland Summer Bench Rest League 2017

Entry to the Midland Bench Rest Summer league closes on 25th February, 2017. If you fancy trying your hand at a spot of competitive Airgun Bench Rest shooting, why not pop along to the range before the deadline and have a chat with Brian about the league.

This is a postal league that can be shot at Donny Airgun Range so there’s no need to travel to the Midlands to take part.

The Midland league is a team event, each team consisting of 3 shooters who shoot 2 ten shot cards every two weeks for 10 rounds (20 weeks).
There’s no set day to shoot your cards, but both cards must be shot on the same day and there’s a time limit of 1 hour to complete both cards.

So you can pop along anytime during the two week round to complete your two cards, you can even shoot your cards in advance if for example you know that you will not be able to shoot your cards in the following fortnight – you may for example be on holiday etc.

A team is also allowed to call in a substitute, but the same shooter cannot shoot for more than one team in any one round.

The targets are very similar in design to the standard Doncaster Airgun Range benchrest practice target, but for this league targets are shot at 25 yards and you are allowed to use both a front and a rear rest if you wish. (We will have some front and rear rests at the club available to league shooters).

The cost is £13.50 per team entry and targets for the league cost 10p each (we will have some of these targets at the range that can be used for practice by league shooters).

Midland Summer Bench Rest League 25 yard target