Qualifiers for Midland Bench Rest League

The Midland Summer Bench Rest League is a team event.  It would be great to put in as many teams as we can, but to do that we need to pick teams based on what our expected scores are going to be.   The league is split into a number of divisions based on each teams average score, so you’ll be shooting against other teams of similar ability.

Since we’ve never shot in this league, none of us will have an average score, so you solve that problem we’re going to hold qualifiers for the league.

The closing date for entering the league is 25th February, 2017 – if you’d like to take part all you need to do is submit two 10 shot cards before 20th February (to give us time to sort out the teams before the closing date).

You can shoot with both a front and a rear rest, and the targets need to be placed at 25 yards.  Both qualifier targets must be shot on the same day and must have a qualifier sticker on them and be witnessed by the Range Officer on Duty (Brian or Leanne).

The maximum you can score on a 10 shot card is 101, and it’s surprisingly difficult to put in a score over 100, why not give it a try?

If you can’t commit to being part of a team for 20 weeks, we’re also looking for substitute’s to step in from time to time.