New Bench Rest Awards

Whether you’re taking part in the Midland Bench Rest League or the monthly £1 in the pot competition we have some new award badges for you to earn.

Join the 100+ club by scoring over 100 on one of the Midland Bench Rest League targets, do it twice on 2 successive targets to earn your 200+ badge.

This applies to those shooting the Midland Bench rest league, but if you aren’t taking part in the league but would still like to win the 100 or 200 badge, you are allowed to shoot 2 targets per visit to try for the badges.  Midland Bench Rest Targets cost 20p each.

If you manage a maximum score of 250 on one of our £1 in the pot competition targets, you’ll win yourself a 250 club badge – you can shoot as many of these targets as you like each month.

And last but not least – if you manage to put in a maximum/perfect score in any of our Bench Rest competitions you’ll win a “Perfect” badge.   We don’t expect to ever give any of these away!.