How much does it cost to shoot?2019-05-11T09:45:18+01:00

If you have your own rifle you just pay a single range fee of £10 and that allows you full access to the range for upto 3 hours.   If you don’t have your own rifle you can rent one of the clubs rifles for just £10 per hour including pellets and targets.

Air refills are free,  if you require paper targets you can buy more from the counter from 20p

How much is membership?2017-01-06T23:27:02+00:00

We don’t charge a membership fee at Doncaster Airgun Range.  You pay a £10 range fee and for that you can shoot for up to 3 hours.  No hidden extras.

Do you sell pellets2016-11-02T13:39:00+00:00

We only sell JSB branded pellets at the range, these are the same pellets that are sold in shops as other brand names.

  • .177 JSB Exact ( 8.4 grains )
  • .177 JSB Exact Express ( 7.9 grains )
  • .22 JSB Exact Jumbo ( 15.9 grains )
  • .22 JSB Exact Express ( 14.3 grains )
  • .22 JSB Exact Express RS ( 13.4 grains )

Our prices are generally lower than shop prices and we offer a discount if you buy 5 tins or more.
We have several batches of each style of pellet in stock, but to allow you to try before you buy we also sell sample packs of 100 pellets of each batch.

Sample packs are £2 for .177 pellets and £3 for .22 pellets.

Can I book a lane?2018-12-27T08:34:22+00:00

At the moment the only way to guarantee a lane is to pre-book a lesson or taster session. However, with so many lanes at the Range (18 in total) there currently isn’t any need to reserve a lane.

If you’re travelling a long way, drop us a line first to make sure we have spare capacity.

Opening hours2018-05-02T12:37:16+01:00
Monday10am – 8pm
Wednesday10am – 5pm
Thursday10am – 8pm
Friday10am – 5pm
Saturday10am – 5pm
Sunday10am – 5pm
Do you have a fill adapter for my rifle?2016-11-02T13:39:00+00:00

We have most of the popular fill adapters at the range these include :

  • All adapter for Air Arms rifles including the new FTP900
  • Daystate (Foster adapter)
  • BSA
  • Walther RM8
  • HW100 / 110
  • Rapid / BSA Buddy bottle adapter

We are constantly expanding our list of adapters when we find one that we don’t currently have.  If your adapter isn’t listed please Contact us.  It’s also a good idea to bring along your adapter just in case.

Disabled access2016-03-09T11:21:32+00:00

The range is situated on the top floor of an old cotton mill, unfortunately we don’t have a lift. Don’t let that put you off though, we’ll do everything we can to help anyone who may have difficulty accessing the range – drop us a message on the contact us form or visit our Facebook page.

Is there an age limit?2016-03-09T11:18:16+00:00

Juniors below the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by someone older than 21, generally our lower age limit is 9 years old, but this will depend on physical size and maturity. At the moment our club guns are all full sized and designed for an adult build.